Well inspection systems include video cameras, systems and inspection vehicles


Aries’ well inspection systems identify problems before they become more serious, reducing costly and unnecessary repairs. Specialized CCTV video cameras quickly evaluate water wells, supply lines, boreholes and large-diameter ventilation shafts. Cameras are available to operate at depths to 5000 ft (1524 m). Aries’ data management software efficiently standardizes recording and reporting functions. BoreOptix saves time and creates more professional reports.


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The integrated Explorer is easily set up by one operator for inspections at depths to 1200 ft (365 m). These compact well inspection systems with a user-friendly interface are easy to operate. The camera fits in boreholes from 2 to 12 in (50 to 305 mm). The multi-view camera has 360° rotation to capture detailed video images.

Explorer well inspection systems offers a user-friendly interface

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Aries component-based well inspection systems operate as a mobile set-up, or the winch can be mounted in a truck or trailer with rack mounted controls. The camera power supply with overlay operates a choice of three Aries’ borehole cameras. An optional swivel base and boom arm is available for vehicle mounting.

Component-based well inspection systems operate as a mobile unit or mounted in a vehicle

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Aries’ multi-view BT9700 allows the operator to selectively target a downhole or side view of the casing wall. The single lens module tilts off-center and zooms in both views. Used in well inspection systems, this unique camera movement produces quality video to evaluate difficult conditions. The BT9700 inspects 4 in (100 mm) or larger boreholes at depths to 1200 ft (365 m).

Used in well inspection systems, the BT9700 unique camera movement provides efficient video assessments



Aries’ BoreOptix is the industry’s first software that standardizes the recording and reporting functions of well inspection. The software saves time during inspections and creates professional standard reports. BoreOptix is easy to learn, set up and use. It integrates seamlessly with Aries’ well inspection systems, using the field-proven VL5000 Computer Controlled Overlay to record observations.

BoreOptix software integrates seamlessly with Aries’ well inspection systems