Aries sewer and well inspection systems

Aries Industries is a leading manufacturer of sewer and well inspection systems. Aries provides its customers with much more than product, technology and service. You can trust our durable inspection and rehabilitation equipment to provide long life with efficient operation. We listen to customers’ needs and develop solutions to keep your crews working longer and faster. We want to be a resource for growth – a company that focuses on people to build momentum toward everyone’s success.

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Sewer inspection and rehabilitation with Aries' Sentinel


Aries rugged inspection and rehabilitation systems are used by sewer contractors and municipal professionals worldwide. These efficient products include video inspection systems for assessing mainlines and cutting equipment for milling and lateral reinstatement.

The Sentinel is an integrated system with lightweight reel, 700 ft (213 m) of cable, a tractor, a camera and an all-in-one controller.

The Mobile Pathfinder is an advanced system combining a light-weight reel with 1000 ft (300 m) of cable, a tractor with self-cleaning Pan & Tilt camera, an electric lift and an all-in-one controller.

PipeOptix® database management software is an entry-level application that is easy to learn, set up and use. Aries’ software integrates with sewer and well inspection systems to manage data and create professional reports.

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Well inspection with Aries' cameras and systemsWELL INSPECTION CAMERAS AND SYSTEMS

Aries video cameras and systems can efficiently inspect water wells and other boreholes, identifying issues before they become more serious. Cameras are available to operate at depths to 5000 ft (1525 m), acquiring sharp, easy-to-manage images.

The Explorer®, with all components on a wheeled cart, is easy to set-up and operate by one person for inspections at depths to 1200 ft (365 m).

Component-based video inspection systems are used for assessing water wells, boreholes and large ventilation shafts. An optional swivel base is available for vehicle or truck bed mounting.

BoreOptix® is the industry’s first software to standardize recording and reporting of well inspection. Aries’ software integrates with sewer and well inspection systems to save time and create professional standard reports.

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